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You must perform the following actions in order to play PS4 on a laptop via an HDMI connection:

First, confirm that your laptop has an HDMI port by checking it. The majority of contemporary laptops come equipped with an HDMI connector, but an older laptop might not.

Connect the HDMI cable: Take an HDMI cable and connect one end to the HDMI output port on your PS4 console. The HDMI output port on the PS4 is located on the back of the console.

Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to your laptop's HDMI input port: Once you've connected one end of the HDMI cable to the PS4, connect the other end to your laptop's HDMI input port. Usually, this is a standard HDMI port on the laptop's side or back.

Switch input source on the laptop: After connecting the HDMI cable, you'll need to switch your laptop's input source to the HDMI port. This will allow the laptop to display the PS4 output.

Power on the PS4: Turn on your PS4 console. You should now see the PS4's display on your laptop screen.

Set the laptop's display settings (if necessary): Depending on your laptop's settings, you might need to adjust the display settings to optimize the PS4's output on your laptop screen. This might include adjusting the resolution or display mode. You can usually find these settings in the "Display" section of your laptop's Control Panel or System Preferences.

Connect an external controller (optional): While you can use your laptop's keyboard and mouse to navigate the PS4 menu, it's more convenient to use a PS4 controller. You can connect a PS4 controller to your laptop using a USB cable or via Bluetooth if your laptop supports it.

Please be aware that not all laptops can accept an HDMI cable. Only a few kinds of laptops feature HDMI input connectors, but the majority have HDMI output ports. You won't be able to use your laptop as an external PS4 display if it lacks an HDMI input connector.

You may want to use a capture card in place of an HDMI input if your laptop does not have one. Using a capture card, you may connect your PS4 to your laptop using a USB port or another connector and capture and display the PS4's output on your laptop's screen.

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