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To take a screenshot on a PC, you can use various methods depending on your operating system (Windows or macOS) and your specific needs. Here are the basic methods for both:


1. Entire Screen:

   - Press the "PrtScn" (Print Screen) key on your keyboard. This will capture the entire screen.

   - The screenshot is copied to your clipboard. You can then paste it into an image editing program (like Paint) or directly into documents, emails, etc. by pressing "Ctrl + V".

2. Active Window:

   - To capture only the active window, press "Alt + PrtScn".

   - The screenshot will be copied to your clipboard for pasting.

3. Snipping Tool (Windows 7) or Snip & Sketch (Windows 10 and later):

   - These tools allow you to capture specific areas of the screen and provide basic editing options.

   - You can search for "Snipping Tool" or "Snip & Sketch" in the Windows search bar to find and use these tools.


1. Entire Screen:

   - Press "Shift + Command + 3" together. The screenshot will be saved to your desktop by default.

2. Specific Area:

   - Press "Shift + Command + 4" together. Your cursor will turn into a crosshair. Click and drag to select the area you want to capture. Release the mouse button to take the screenshot.

3. Specific Window:

   - Press "Shift + Command + 4" followed by the "Spacebar". Your cursor will turn into a camera icon. Click on the window you want to capture.

4. creenshot Utility (MacOS Mojave and later):

   - Press "Shift + Command + 5". This opens the screenshot utility with more options, including capturing specific areas, windows, or recording your screen.

After capturing the screenshot, it will usually be saved to your desktop or a designated location. You can also use image editing software to make any necessary adjustments or annotations to the screenshot.

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