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The quality of images captured on an iPhone can vary from those captured on an Android device due to several factors:

why do iphone pictures look blurry on android?

Camera Hardware: iPhones and Android phones use different camera hardware, including different lenses, sensors, and image processing algorithms. These hardware differences can result in variations in image quality, including sharpness, color accuracy, and low-light performance.

Software Processing: Both iOS and Android use different image processing algorithms to enhance the quality of the photos captured. These algorithms can differ in terms of sharpness, noise reduction, and overall image optimization. As a result, photos taken on an iPhone may have a distinct look compared to those taken on an Android phone.

Display Differences: iPhones and Android devices often have different display characteristics, such as resolution, color calibration, and screen technology. When viewing images captured on an iPhone on an Android device, the differences in display properties can affect the perceived image quality. It's worth noting that this is not a fault of the image itself but rather the display's interpretation of it.

File Compression: When sharing images between different platforms, such as transferring iPhone photos to an Android device, the compression and file format used can impact image quality. Some file compression methods may result in a slight loss of image detail, leading to a perceived decrease in sharpness or clarity.

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