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Charging a MacBook Pro without a charger can be quite challenging, as the charger provides the specific voltage and current required for safe and efficient charging. However, in emergency situations or when a charger is unavailable, you might consider the following options:

how to charge macbook pro without charger

External Battery/Power Bank:

   Use a high-capacity external battery or power bank with a USB-C output that supports Power Delivery (PD). This option is more feasible if your MacBook Pro has USB-C ports. Make sure the power bank's wattage is compatible with your laptop's requirements.

USB-C to USB-A Cable and USB Charger:

   If your MacBook Pro has USB-C ports, you might be able to charge it using a USB-C to USB-A cable and a standard USB charger (like those used for smartphones). However, charging will likely be slow, and you may not be able to perform resource-intensive tasks while charging.

USB-C Docking Station:

   If you have a USB-C docking station that provides power delivery capabilities, you could use it to charge your MacBook Pro. These docking stations usually include multiple ports and charging capabilities.

USB-C Laptop Charging Cable:

   Some airlines and public spaces offer USB-C charging cables designed to charge laptops from USB-C power sources. These can be used in a pinch, but be cautious of their power output and compatibility with your laptop model.

Car Charger or Inverter:

   If you have access to a car charger with a USB-C PD output or an inverter that converts your car's DC power to AC power, you might be able to charge your MacBook Pro in your vehicle.

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