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There are a few signs you can look for to see whether you have been blocked if you use an Android device and believe that someone using an iPhone has done so. These are some indicators that you may have been blocked:

Calls go directly to voicemail: When you call the person who may have blocked you, your calls will consistently go to voicemail without ringing. However, keep in mind that the person may have manually set their phone to send all calls to voicemail, so this alone is not a definitive sign of being blocked.

Text messages aren't delivered: When you send a text message to the person, you won't see the typical "Delivered" notification. However, this can also happen if the person's phone is turned off or experiencing connectivity issues, so it's not a foolproof indicator.

No response to iMessages: If you were previously able to exchange iMessages with the person but suddenly no longer receive any responses, it could be an indication that you've been blocked. Regular text messages (SMS) may still go through if the person has an active cellular connection.

Lack of presence indicators: In iMessage, you won't see any updates regarding the person's typing indicator or read receipts. This suggests that they may have blocked you, but it's not a definitive confirmation.

Unable to add the person to group chats: If you try to add the person who may have blocked you to a group chat in iMessage, but you receive an error message stating that the person cannot be added, it could be a sign of being blocked

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